Meet Your Mentor - AN ART YOWZA EXHIBIT AT THE Alameda Marketplace, ALAMEDA. July 2017

Created by ARt YoWZa Campers! ARt YoWZa offers an exciting visual arts program that supports the development of new creative skills. We empower kids and adults to think and use their imaginations. The nurturing environment encourages unique self-expression and self-esteem. The small class size, individualized attention, stimulating environment, and beautiful setting make it possible for every learner to blossom.

Hero Adventurers

How do heroes  (ordinary people who do extraordinary things) feel their call to adventure?

A heroes journey starts with seeing something you want changed and a feeling your might be able to help.

Hero Adventurers


One Art Yowza camper's call was a combination of empathy for others mixed with a little can do courage.

Cancer Patient in Hospital  Empathy

  What might be your call to adventure?

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Power of Place

Two middle-school helpers draw Art Yowza!

What do you see?


Ouside Art Yowza


• What does the physical space say about the Art Yowza culture?

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