This spring, I am stretching my creativity by participating in #creativesprint , a 30 day prompt challenge. You’ll see my creative process in three parts: 1. Making an Image   2. Reflecting on Ideas and   3. Sharing insights and excitement about the Art Yowza Camp Heroes Journey.


Make something using money (whatever coins or bills you an get your hands on) as your medium #creativesprint


I joyously spilled my jar of change on the table and thought about the beauty of finding shells on the beach.   It's so curious which ones you'll pick up, clean up, carry, keep and share.  I started sorting the change and created the word YES with the quarters, dimes and nickels.

I know a local elementary school has a fundraiser that starts with everyone bringing pennies on Monday, nickels on Tuesday, dimes on Wednesdays, etc.   I love the idea of starting small and building skills and value.  In fact each day of the week of summer camp builds on a heroes journey.



We study 

  1. Curiosity and Hero Adventurers on Mondays

  2. Caring and Magical Mentors on Tuesday

  3. Challenges and Wild Challengers on Wednesdays

  4. Creativity and Future Inventors on Thursdays

  5. Change-makers and game changers on Fridays

Here's a brainstorm about how Yes, Change and Money are good teachers on a Heroes Journey.


  1. Curiosity---Say yes to adventures

  2. Caring ---Yes is the magic word

  3. Challenges ---Yes, I can

  4. Creativity ---Say yes and you'll figure it out

  5. Change Maker ---Rise up, show up and just say yes.


  1. Curiosity --- Why change?

  2. Caring--- What is the value of sharing change with another?

  3. Challenge --- How do you deal with change?

  4. Creativity --- What difference can change make?

  5. Change-Maker --- How can change be an investment in the future?


  1. Curiosity --- Get start to build dividends

  2. Caring --- Choose to invest in something/ someone that grows over time

  3. Challenge ---Discover how to invest wisely

  4. Creativity ---Attract growth and opportunities

  5. Change-Maker --- Offer intrinsic value and empowerment

Heroes Journey Tip

You can support yourself and your community through your creativity

Creative Comments Challenge

What could you change with $1? 

What could you not change with $100?