This spring, I am stretching my creativity by participating in #creativesprint , a 30 day prompt challenge. You’ll see my creative process in three parts: 1. Making an Image   2. Reflecting on Ideas and   3. Sharing insights and excitement about the Art Yowza Camp Heroes Journey.


Select a photograph from a magazine and extend the image beyond its current frame or edges. #creativesprint


As always, I just start creating.   I found a photo of three children jumping in the air and digitally erased everything but the shirts and arms that connected them.   I gave them new faces and legs.

Different from the original drawing, I made one grounded figure and two leapers.   Also, from the direction of the eyes, the figure in the middle seems to be helped by two guides. 

Each character’s legs seem to embody a different energy. Our of curiosity, I googled the dream symbols of horse, kangaroo and frog and the meaning of colors.

On Tuesdays during summer camp, we focus on magical mentors that give us the tools, skills and special powers to be successful going forward on our Heroes Journey.

Perhaps the three figures in my drawing represent magical mentors in the form of camp director, counselors and campers.



Horse (red shirt) 

The grounded horse is like the Camp Director that provides daring, support and freedom

Kangaroo (green shirt)

The kangaroo is like the Heroes Journey Guides (aka CIT’s) that provide protection, reassurance and growth

Frog (yellow shirt)

The leaping frog is like a camper that delights in potential, friendship and change.



All three figures share…

  • purple arms of imagination and wisdom

  • legs of mystery and power

  • symmetrical hearts of love and  attention



I love that my intuitive drawing gave me the words to further shape the spirit of the Heroes Journey


Daring, imagination and love start new beginnings for HERO ADVENTURERS


Grounded support and trust develop intuition for MAGICAL MENTORS


Awareness, strength and growth define character in WILD CHALLENGERS           


Stamina, experimentation and expression cause transformation for FUTURE INVENTORS


Freedom, success and wisdom bring movement for CHANGE MAKERS


Heroes Journey Tip

Your magical mentor appears when you are ready for adventure!

Creative Comment Challenge

Can you see any symbols of transformation in the drawing?