Creative Courage

Break the Rule 1 .jpg



Rules give you quick information about how to get started.

They provide safety, a grounding and give you structure.

You’ll grapple with the new: materials, process and trust


The camper above is grappling with some ideas of what he wants to try and is looking at the building blocks.

But what should he make and why?

Rules offer motivation within creative communities.


FIRST RULE - Make something 1) inspirational 2) in 30 minutes that includes 3) an energy source.

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Rules give you an expectation.

They give you a scaffold of supportive goals, community values and technique help.

You’ll lean on the inspiration of your teacher, ideas from your peers and perhaps step by step instruction at first.


The camper above is leaning on support all around him... a foundation of the ideas of others, a teacher pointing at a higher goal ,mirroring his progress (through photos) and encouraging his unique path by - the experience of others below, his teacher pointing to a higher goal, the prize of being a pirate (and doing it your own way)

But how can he use his new knowledge and skills to make something personally meaningful to him?

Rules offer stepping stones to build skills.


RULE HELP- Remember you only have 30 minutes. Try pairing opposite things.

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Rules give you a foundation to build.

They give you a place to apply your wobbly skills, work toward your vision and make something unique.

You’ll build through trial and error, solo or with partners, prototypes that get better with each iteration.


Here the camper above is building

But how can he get his idea to have the integrity to stand on it’s own?

Rules may need not be needed at this point if a truer solution is discovered.


RULE INSPIRATION - Did you include a circle and a flame? What else can you add or subtract in the next 10 minutes?

Break a Rule 4.jpg



Rules give you trampoline to leap higher and farther.

They give you a timeframe to create learn new things, take risks and make something

You’ll fly with confidence because you have skills and structures, courage and inspiration.


Here the camper above celebrates that his creation can fly because it has a joy stick, wings and rocket fuel.

But how can he keep his passion for creating alive?

Rules offer you a way of meaningfully organizing your independence and enjoying your freedom.


RULE PROCESS - Teach someone else the creative constraint of rules. Give them three rules to start.