The cat adoption story

Once upon a time, in a town very close by, there was a lonely cat lost in a garden. The cat waited and waited for someone to give it love and care. She sat sadly in a flower bed and watched people walk by never stopping to give her affection, food or water.


One day, a kind woman heard the cat meowing in the garden while she was waiting for a bus. Concerned, she decided to call the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter because she wondered if the cat might be hungry and without a home.


The kind woman whispered soothing words to the cat and stayed her until the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter rescuer showed up. The cat was very scared because she didn’t know what was happening. The rescuer took her to the shelter.


When the cat got to the shelter, she heard lots of loud barking. This scared her even more.


The anxious cat was put into a quieter room where two women and a little girl. came to play with her. Little by little, the anxious cat became less stressed by playing with the kind family, who gave her love.


After play time, the cat heard the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter volunteers talking. Suddenly the little girl turned around smiling and ran over to the cat.


The cat was given the most love it had in its entire life. The family took the cat home and loved it from that day on.

Everyday after that, FAAS helped lost cats and dogs find forever homes.

Written and Photographed by Olive Little, age 15

Performed by Puppet Parade Campers July, 28,2019


Written by:

Hi my name is Olive. I’m 15 years old and have been coming to Art yowza since I was eight years old. One weird food combination that I like is rice and ketchup (I know it sounds really weird). My favorite, weird word is “widdershins”.

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“This week was really fun! I hope they will come back in the future.” Maddie- Community Leader/Art Helper

“I loved being with all of the campers this week. Everyone had their own way of making me smile . Thank you for this awesome time!” Nicole- Game Designer

“I’m so happy that each and every camper had fun this week. I had an amazing time getting to know and being with them. They made me happy everyday.” Olive- Storyteller

This week, our Heroes Journey had been to help FAAS

The mission of Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) is to shelter and care for abandoned companion animals, find them new homes, and prevent animal cruelty through education and community programs.

Did you know?

FAAS is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of its first satellite adoption center, FAAS South Shore, set to open in June. It will be located at 2228A South Shore Center, in the heart of Alameda’s popular outdoor shopping mall.

The new location will offer FAAS the opportunity to expand programs, welcome the community, and involve local businesses. It will have:

  • Cats and rabbits for adoption.

  • Professionally designed window and store displays showcasing adoptable animals.

  • Special events, including “yappy hours” and monthly dog adoption fairs.

  • A conference and training room for a monthly Pet Loss Support Group, education seminars, and activities for youth organizations.

FAAS will continue to operate the main animal shelter at 1590 Fortmann Way in Alameda.

There are many ways to volunteer to support FAAS!

Hope you can join us again!

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Magical Mentors

 It's fun to share more  about the Art Yowza and the Heroes Journey.  I look forward to blogging more in April! 

These layered collages were created in one day of camp by children ages 5-11.

 I'm so happy to share these bright pictures. 

 Magical Mentors help us in our heroes journey by giving us guidance, skills, tools and special powers.    

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Do these pictures sing Spring to you?