This spring, I am stretching my creativity by participating in #creativesprint , a 30 day prompt challenge. You’ll see my creative process in three parts: 1. Making an Image   2. Reflecting on Ideas and   3. Sharing insights and excitement about the Art Yowza Camp Heroes Journey.


Create an  illusion of a window - looking out on to whatever you want - on a wall that doesn't have one.  #creativesprint 21

Create an illusion of a window- looking out on to whatever you want - on a wall that doesn't have one.  #creativesprint 21


I love to play with the ipad app Zen Brush. I chose a flecked black background to add a window with a happy cat.  I started drawing Dr Suess-like trees that created a sort of funny space.

Stability, trustworthiness and order are values conveyed by a square logo according to my quick intenet search.  The logos for Legos, Gap and Home Depo are not trianges.  Squares say planning and structure in a way circles might not.  Squares seem to represent foundational building blocks.

If not a window, what might my gold shape illustrate?


On Mondays, HERO ADVENTURERS  figure out where we’ve been and where we want to go through Empathy Bingo.


On Tuesdays, MAGICAL MENTORS  help us feel secure and special by instilling a peaceful place in our minds where we can remember that someone believes in us.


On Wednesdays, WILD CHALLENGERS know we've been launched and are wondering what will happen next as we're moving fast into outer space going toward our hopes, wishes and dreams


On Thursdays, FUTURE INVENTORS bounce a lot of ideas around and everyone plays their part to keep the fun going.


On Fridays, CHANGE MAKERS love to share with others the gift of purpose.



 How can a window be a strong metaphor in the Heroes Journey?

1. HERO ADVENTURERS frame their mission. Their point of view changes as they go through the window and enter the special world.

2 MAGICAL MENTORS help us see things more clearly and build our self-trust intuition through mirroring

3 WILD CHALLENGERS explore their perception by looking out and looking into themselves and reflecting on their decisions.

4 FUTURE INVENTORS are open to possibilities and letting in “fresh air”

5 CHANGE-MAKERS show their consciousness and insight on current events and implore you to share their outlook and perspective.



A Heroes Journey is your window of opportunity to create a meaningful life.

Creative Comments Challenge

Why is this cat looking in or out?